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An essential part of the bourbon-making process includes aging in a charred, new oak barrel. The barrel is more than a storage vessel. The charred barrel imparts a smoother, mellower flavor. When the barrel is charred, the wood sugars caramelize to lend distinct flavors of toffee, vanilla, spice, butterscotch, caramel, and honey to the bourbon inside. Since bourbon is required to be aged in a new oak barrel, used barrels can no longer be used for bourbon aging.

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At Curry’s Beer Crafts, we appreciate the history and beauty of these barrels. We love the process of reusing these locally-sourced oak pieces with their distinctive worn patina. We take these rustic elements and create refined products. The beautiful oak is a gift from nature that we love to repurpose to bring a natural element to any style home. Our products add warmth and texture, while being a great conversation piece.


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Just as each barrel produces a unique bourbon product, we use these bourbon barrels, barrel heads, and staves to create unique products for home décor, entertaining, weddings, and gifts, including coat racks, serving trays, wall hangings, tables, magnetic bottle openers, Lazy Susans, and personalized barrel heads.

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